Lionel Messi’s tattoos in 2022 – a closer look at the Argentine star’s tattoos

Ink is a creative, unique method to express oneself. Lionel Messi’s appearance makes it impossible to avoid the conclusion that, aside from doing miracles on the field, getting tattoos is among his favourite artistic endeavours. For this reason, let’s take a look at Lionel Messi’s tattoos in 2022 – a closer look at the Argentine star’s tattoos.

Lionel Messi's tattoos in 2022
Lionel Messi’s tattoos in 2022

Lionel Messi’s tattoos in 2022 Preview

The captain of Barcelona has a total of 18 tattoos, each with a distinct significance, individual character, and meticulous attention to every last detail. Leo has several tattoos, each with a special meaning, which are described in detail here below. These are Lionel Messi’s tattoos in 2022

1).  The Lotus Flower

Leo Messi’s life is an example of following your aspirations and reaching your full potential. He went from being a modest youngster from the little Argentine city of Rosario to being a seven-time Ballon d’Or recipient and one of the finest players of all time. The tattoo of a lotus flower on his right arm acts as a sign and a remembrance of this.

2).  The Rose Window

As Leo does his famous goal celebration by pointing to the sky, you might have spotted the rose window tattoo around his elbow. His elbow point serves as the focal point of the style of window seen in churches and cathedrals, which is a well-placed tattoo. The Sagrada Familia church located in Barcelona served as an inspiration for Leo in particular.#

3). Jesus

Leo’s right arm has a complete sleeve with a picture of Jesus Christ at the top. His unshakeable faith, which is firmly based on Christianity, is honoured in this composition.

4). His Mother’s Tattoo

It was actually his first tattoo, a picture of Celia Maria Cuccittini. It shows how much he loves and respects the lady who nurtured him.

5). Mateo Messi

Speaking of his sons, the name Mateo, which is the second son of Leo, is vertically inked towards the left of the image of Jesus.

6). Tattoos of Birthdates

Concerning family, the birthdates of the people he loves most in the world—Antonella, Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro—are inked at the bottom of his right leg.

7). Antonella’s Eye

Regarding his wife, one can notice a huge eye on the inside of Messi’s right bicep. It is believed that this is his wife’s eye, Antonella.

8). Antonella’s Lips

Speaking of his wife, one can notice that Leo’s lower hip on the left has a lip tattoo of his Wife, Antonella.

9). Tattoo of a Huge Clock

What is your life do you value most highly? Leo cherishes time and the people he spends it with more than anything else, even though he probably has everything one could desire in the world. The enormous clock serves as a reminder of life’s most essential elements.

10). Cogs in a watch

Cogs from the timepiece are directly under the enormous clock. The gears of a clock are turned by cogs in a watch. These possibly make up a portion of the enormous clock component and refer to time and how swiftly or slowly it may move.

11).  The Number 10

Leo’s powerful left leg has helped him establish himself as a legend of the sport. On his left leg sits the number 10, the jersey number that Leo wore during his tenure for FC Barcelona and stills wears for the Argentina National Team.

12). The Rosary

A rosary, which may appear to be a string of beads but is actually a component of the sleeve piece as a tribute to Messi’s hometown of Rosario, is also inked.

13). Thiago’s Handprints

Leo received a tattoo of Thiago’s handprints after the birth of his first kid to represent being a parent. The tattoo was positioned on the calf of his left leg. It seems that the hands were perceived as a representation of “Maradona’s Hand of God” objective. 

14). Thiago Messi

Leo put Thiago’s initials in a heart on the tattoo to ensure that it was clear who it was for and to eliminate any further confusion.

15). The Crown 

Leo and his wife Antonella both have identical crown tattoos on the undersides of their right arms. This tattoo symbolizes that She is his queen and he is her king, and also portrays their intense love for one another.

16). The World Cup

A World Cup Trophy Tattoo could be seen on the Right Leg’s calf of Leo Messi. The spectators could see this during the Quater-finals match against the Netherlands.

17). South America and Europe Tattoo

Somewhere on Leo’s right arm, it has been said, there is a tattoo depicting South America and Europe, those two regions where he has resided.

18). Football Tattoo

The reason Leo is the icon that he is is because of his left leg. A football ball is conveniently perched on top of his left leg. Leo’s second great love in life, except for his family, is football. Since it helped shape who he is, it is only natural that it occupies a place upon his body’s canvas among other significant events in his life.

Leo has several tattoos, all of which are exquisitely done and with much more exquisite meanings. These were some of the Lionel Messi’s tattoos in 2022.

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