Italy vs Bulgaria Preview, Prediction, H2H results, World Cup Qualifiers 2022

Italy takes on Bulgaria as part of their World cup Qualifier fixture. Making sure they come away with a good result will help them to move on to the main competition. Alley Sport brings you Italy vs Bulgaria preview, and other details building up to this fixture.

Italy vs Bulgaria Preview
Italy vs Bulgaria Preview. Image credits : Twitter

The Italians take on Bulgaria as an away fixture for this part of the qualifiers. Making sure they handle this according to their form and intent, and putting this tie aside should be the top priority. Barring an upset in their first fixture, which is unlikely, this should be just another day at the office for them.

Italy vs Bulgaria Preview :

Italy vs Bulgaria Preview
Italy vs Bulgaria Preview. Image Credits : Yahoo

Mancini and his men have a straightforward tie to go into after their fixture against Northern Ireland. This seems the easier of the two tasks on paper, barring a result that would be unexpected from their first game. Based on their form, it should be a formality from the Italian perspective, as they’ll be looking to breeze past their opponents and cement their place in the main competition.

Italy vs Bulgaria Preview
Italy vs Bulgaria Preview. Image credits : Getty Images

Bulgaria have a mountain to climb in general in this competition. Having it all to prove in this version of the competition, so they can prove their mettle to themselves first and then the world. Hoping to get a good result and matching their preparations and intent to a level like never before would give them hope.

Italy vs Bulgaria, Prediction :

Mancini and his men will be looking at this fixture as something that would give them the confidence and aid their current form after they take on Northern Ireland. Making sure they come away with the result will help set the tone for this campaign. They can gain necessary momentum from their first game and then use this fixture to add to it and maintain the same.

Bulgaria on the other hand will have to treat every fixture in this competition as their last. Making sure they give it their all is an understatement. Especially since this is a prelude to the main competition, it’ll help them assess where they stand in terms of competing against the elite.

Italy vs Bulgaria Preview,H2H results :

When it comes to H2h results between these two teams, its only fair to assume that the Italians will have a lot more to show in terms of results. Ad it’s precisely that since the number of wins for Italy outdo Bulgaria’s contribution to this tie. They managed to come away with 10 wins against Bulgaria, as opposed to Bulgaria coming away with 2 wins. Besides which, they shared the spoils 7 times. Lopsided, and dominant, can be a few of the characteristics that defined this tie up until this point.

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