Video: Williamson shares 2013 al-guard moment with Steyn

New Zealand captain Kane Williamson has shared the picture of the box that Dale Steyn broke in 2013 during the test series on Instagram.

South African pacer Dale Steyn has announced retirement from cricket and hence Williamson posted the picture of the box or abdominal guard Dale Steyn broke during the 2013 series.

Video: Williamson shares 2013 al-guard moment with Steyn 1

Later, Dale Steyn signed the box after the match. He had an incredible test career and took 439 wickets in 93 matches with an average of 22.95. He is termed as one of the best bowlers of test cricket. The picture of the abdominal guard was shared by Kane Williamson on his instagram as a tribute to the retired Dale Steyn.

Kane Williamson and Dale Steyn share a professional cricketing bond and New Zealand and South Africa, even though are not termed as rivals, but have a stiff competition between them. It was nice of Kane Williamson to post a picture and bring back memories of the match from 2013 and remind Dale Steyn of his aggressive bowling.

Dale Steyn refused to apologize to Kane Williamson during the incident, but later signed the abdominal guard as an apology. Dale Steyn was kind enough to do that, however, he could have apologized for the ball during the time.

Here is the video of the incident:

Video from 2013

Dale Steyn is termed as one of the most aggressive bowlers in world cricket due to his aggression and pace which makes it so tough to handle him. The batsman usually prefer to remain off the strike. Dale Steyn could be termed as one of the legends in the future because of his pace. Not only that, Dale Steyn has an incredible record in both ODI and T20 cricket.