Will Ahmedabad Get Its Own Team in IPL 2021 Edition? Here’s why it Can be the 9th IPL Team

IPL 2021
IPL 2021

Will Ahmedabad Get Its Own Team in IPL 2021 Edition? Alley Sport is here to bring you all the news on 9th IPL team which is expected to be most probably from Ahmedabad and the reason behind that.

Ninth IPL team for IPL 2021

BCCI has stated their plans for the IPL next year with a new team coming in although they haven’t announced it officially yet. The new team is expected to be from Ahmedabad considering their newly altered stadium in Motera with a record capacity. The stadium has made fans urging to include Ahmedabad for the next IPL 2021 with a decision on the plan to be taken by the second week of December.

IPL 2021
image credits – India Tv news, IPL 2021

Already, an Ahmedabad based franchise had taken part in the IPL 2016 and IPL 2017 with Gujarat Lions making to the playoffs in 2016. According to the reports, CSK star Suresh Raina might get the nod for captaincy of the new team if he leaves CSK by this year. Gautam Adani and Sanjeev Goenka are likely to be the front runners for buying the new franchise.

Mega Auction might take place for IPL 2021

The BCCI has informed the possibility of a mega auction taking place to the teams and to plan ahead for the event. This might just open the doors for teams like CSK who have more ageing players and allow them to rebuild their team. Also the inclusion of ninth team will be a great opportunity for the Indian youngsters who have not yet appeared in the ranks.

ipl 2021
image credits – India Fantasy, IPL 2021

The BCCI president Sourav Ganguly had stated the need to compensate the huge loss of money during the pandemic event by including another team so that the number of matches increases and the long tournament gets extended. Also the fans will be excited to have the news from Sourav Ganguly of arrangements being made to bring back the IPL from UAE to its home nation.

A lot of hardwork has been put in by the BCCI staffs to conduct the tournament in UAE which turned out to be one of the best IPL seasons in the history. A lot will be expected for IPL 2021 and more drama is to come.

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