Why do Rangers fans sing Simply The Best?

Why do Rangers fans sing Simply The Best?

“Simply the Best” is an iconic song by the band Tina Turner and is a regular anthem for Rangers Football Club. The song has become strongly associated with the Scottish team, with the Rangers fans singing it at different matches and other events to show their support. It has become an anthem for the club, a rallying cry for the fans and a reminder of the team’s success.

The song was first adopted by Rangers fans in the early 1990s and it quickly grew in popularity. It has become synonymous with the club and its fans, with many supporters considering it the unofficial Rangers anthem. It is often sung at matches and other gatherings in support of the team and its players, and is a powerful symbol of the team’s success. It is a source of pride and joy for the team and its fans.

Reason behind why do Rangers fans sing Simply The Best by Tina Turner?

Why do Rangers fan sing 'Simply The Best'?
Why do Rangers fans sing Simply The Best?

It has become an iconic song that is chanted by Rangers fans at matches and other events, and it is a reminder of the team’s greatness. Rangers Football Club in Scotland has many passionate supporters, and as such there are numerous songs associated with the club. Some of the most popular songs include: “Simply the Best” by Tina Turner, “We Are the People” by Del Amitri, “Follow Follow” by Deacon Blue, “Rangers Till I Die” by The Red Hot Chilli Pipers, “We Are the Champions” by Queen, and “The Rangers Are Coming” by The Proclaimers.

Rangers is one of the most popular clubs in all of Europe. They have a very rich history which has stuck to their traditional badge and their name despite the club liquidating and re-establishing itself almost a decade back. Their Old Firm rivalry with the team Celtic is also perhaps one of the most famous in world football.

Some of the best Rangers Songs are as follows:
1. “Go Rangers Go”

2. “Rangers Anthem”

3. “We Are The Rangers”

4. “Rangers Till I Die”

5. “Rangers Forever”

6. “Rangers Superhero”

7. “We Are Rangers”

8. “Rangers United”

9. “Rangers On The March”

10. “Rangers Are Coming”

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