Why Did Maradona Wear Two Watches? Diego Maradona Multiple Watches Reason

Diego Maradona, the legendary footballer and among the greats of the game, was known to wear two watches during his playing days. We explore Why Did Maradona Wear Two Watches? Maradona was one of the most lethal goal scorers of all time and also one of the best Argentine players ever. He also inspired the likes of Lionel Messi and other footballers.

Diego Maradona had various records in his decorated career, some of the following are here:

  1. World Cup Victory: Maradona led Argentina to victory in the 1986 World Cup, scoring five goals in the tournament and famously scoring the “Hand of God” goal in the quarterfinal against England.
  2. Serie A Titles: Maradona won two Serie A titles with Napoli in 1987 and 1990, leading the club to its first-ever league titles.
  3. UEFA Cup: He also led Napoli to win the UEFA Cup in 1989, the only major European trophy won by the club.
  4. Top scorer in Argentine Primera Division: Maradona was the top scorer in the Argentine Primera Division in the 1978-1979 season with 36 goals.
  5. Most goals for Napoli: He is still Napoli’s all-time leading goal scorer with 115 goals in 259 appearances.
  6. FIFA Player of the Century: In 2000, Maradona was named joint winner (along with Pelé) of the FIFA Player of the Century award.
  7. Induction into Hall of Fame: He was inducted into the World Football Hall of Fame in 2011.

Overall, Diego Maradona’s incredible skills, leadership, and impact on the game have made him a legend in the football world, and his records and achievements will be remembered for generations to come.

Why Did Maradona Wear Two Watches?

Why Did Maradona Wear Two Watches?
Why Did Maradona Wear Two Watches?

There are a few different reasons that might explain Why Did Maradona Wear Two Watches:

  1. To keep track of two different possible time zones: One reason is that Maradona wore two watches so that he could keep track of the time in two different time zones his clients or known people might be living in. This could have been useful if he was traveling frequently or communicating with people in different parts of the world.
  2. Superstition: Maradona was known for being superstitious, and it’s possible that wearing two watches was part of a personal ritual or good luck charm. He may have believed that wearing two watches brought him luck or helped him perform better on the field.
  3. Fashion statement: Maradona was also known for his flamboyant style, both on and off the pitch. It’s possible that he simply liked the way two watches looked on his wrist, and wore them as a fashion statement.

Regardless of the reason, Maradona’s habit of wearing two watches became one of his most distinctive and memorable traits. He is still remembered for his legacy and such unique habits.

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