Who is world’s best freekick taker in 2023? Ranking football’s top freekick hitters

Who is world's best freekick taker in 2023? Ranking football's top freekick hitters 1

Who is the world’s best freekick taker in 2023?

Curled over the wall, dipping into the corner and leaving the goalie absolutely helpless? It doesn’t any better. Over the years, we have been blessed with some absolutely superb masters of the dead ball who made a business of scoring from set-piece situations. Alley sport brings you a piece on Who is the world’s best freekick taker in 2023?

Free-kicks are certainly one of the most challenging skills to master for any footballer. Direct free-kicks are not regularly converted into goals. When it does, it immediately captures the attention and the imagination of the fans on the stands. There are only a few players in the elite European leagues who have attained a laudable proficiency over this skill.

A reliable free kick merchant can prove to be such a valuable asset for any team and so it is no wonder that that footballers spend hours upon hours doing their craft.

 Who is the world's best freekick taker in 2023?
Who is the world’s best freekick taker in 2023? (Image credits – FA)

Who is the world’s best freekick taker in 2023?

Let’s rank and see Who is the world’s best freekick taker in 2023?

10) Ronaldinho
Most free-kick takers excel at only one method of shooting. Ronaldinho could do it all. Power, curve, touch, creativity—you name it. Just watch the video and you’ll see examples of every kind of free kick.

9) Cristiano Ronaldo
There’s no doubt that Cristiano Ronaldo’s powers from the set piece spot have waned since his Manchester United years – we all remember the drought at Real Madrid – but he’s still a legacy dead ball specialist.

8) Alessandro Del Piero

A Juventus legend, Alessandro Del Piero’s placement of the ball was absolutely amazing. His curve and power were both very good, but it was where he put the ball that made all the difference.

7) Andrea Pirlo
A true master in the specialty, the Italian converted 43 direct freekick throughout his exceptional career. Pirlo played with AC Milan and juventus in his career and he’s one of the best Italian free kick taker ever. No word can describe pirlo. He is just an amazing mid that can pass anywhere. He is an alien in passing, set piece, and dead ball.

6) Sanisa Mihajlovic

Considered by many as the best freekick taker in Europe, the Serbian developed his skill in Italy and produced more than 50 goals from direct shots. His greatest feat was when he converted three freekicks in one game against Sampdoria.

5) Diego Maradona
Maradona scored 62 goals from freekicks. Each foul in the vicinity of the net was basically considered a goal. Perhaps the greatest footballer of all time, Diego Maradona led Argentina almost single-handedly to the 1986 World Cup.

4) Lionel Messi

 Who is the world's best freekick taker in 2023?
Who is the world’s best freekick taker in 2023?

The PSG star is number four on our list. Messi remains a threat from set pieces with his blessed left foot.
His kicks are intelligently executed under the wall of defence , over the wall and mostly curling shots that leave goalkeepers helpless as the ball finds it’s way into the net.

3) Zico

The original master of the free kick, Zico was the first player to turn taking set pieces into an art form. Zico is one of the players that revolutionized the art of taking free-kicks. The Brazilian legend showed the world how having a set-piece specialist in a team can so often prove to be the difference between two sides.

2) David Beckham
Always a danger from set pieces at Manchester United and England .David Beckham was a potent free kick weapon in Sir Alex Ferguson’s star studded Manchester United team. Beckham’s well calculated deliveries were some of the best you will ever come across in football history.

1) Juninho Pernambucano

 Who is the world's best freekick taker in 2023?
Who is the world’s best freekick taker in 2023?

There can only be one GOAT in our eyes and we’re giving the honour to Juninho. He scored an astonishing 77 strikes from free-kicks and, if there’s anyone you’d want standing over a free-kick for your side, it’s the Brazilian.
Juninho Pernambucano is simply the greatest free kick taker of all time. It’s not even a discussion.

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