Who is the King of Football In 2020? The Best Player Award Goes To This Player

Who is the King of Football In 2020?

This year hasn’t been anybody’s year broadly speaking due to the outbreak of the pandemic. It has been a dull year for players and fans alike. It’s also been a lazy year for everyone, but there are some who we can say got the better of 2020, and can be deemed as the King of Football in 2020. For some players, it’s like Rocky’s training montage playing at the back of their heads and all they want to do is train and win.

‘Winter is Coming’ and fans are curious as to whose at the top of the Footballing Throne in 2020. This year, there has been a slight change as the dominance of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have been at the Bay lately. To your disappointment, there have been new Lions in their Kingdom.

King of Football In 2020

Who is the King of Football In 2020? The Best Player Award Goes To This Player 1
Who is the King of Football In 2020? The Best Player Award Goes To This Player 2

Is there a New King amidst us?

Messi and Ronaldo both had a decent year in terms of individual stats, but both of them were knocked out of the Champions League. Ronaldo’s Juventus was knockedout by the French outfit Olympique Lyonnais while who can forget the 8-2 drubbing of Messi’s Barca at the hands of Bavarian giants FC Bayern Munich.

Now these losses certainly push them both to a distance from the top. This year gave us new heir for King in the names of Robert Lewandowski or better nicknamed by his team mate Thomas(200) Mueller as “Robert LewanGOALski” and he justified his nickname by scoring 15 goals in 10 matches and drawing with the Former King Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Polish Kro’l (King in Polish) is already off the mark in the Bundesliga as he already has 10 Goals from 5 games show that he’s in the best form of his life he look already looks like the one to challenge the Old Kings of Footballing world Messi and Ronaldo. He’s certainly becoming the new King of Football in 2020.

Elsewhere in England, there’s a King of Football who never walks alone but had to this year due to the Pandemic. But still walks strong in faith and he is Sadio Mane who is not far(300) behind. The new King of Football, Sadio Mane also has a Champions league trophy (18-19) and the Premier League this year. Mane has also been involved in 4 goals and 1 assist as Liverpool sit at the Top of the Premier league. Both of these new Kings have stellar performances so far and aren’t looking to stop anytime soon.

Is Lewandowski the new king of football?

new king?
Who is the King of Football In 2020? The Best Player Award Goes To This Player 3

Will the Old Kings of Football Messi and Ronaldo be back?

Both Lewandowski and Mane have a solid team with them as well who perform well as a unit whereas Messi and Ronaldo both sort of Carry their teams it seems they are both kind of weary now with both players reaching the Twilight of their careers respectively with over a decade of dominance between these 2 former Kings. Will there be a new king or will Messi and Ronaldo bounce back is a battle surely to watch.

Who’ll win the King of Football Award if there had to be one in 2021?

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