Who is the God of T20 cricket including international and domestic?

God of T20 cricket
God of T20 cricket

One of the most exciting questions turned up in the cricket world is ‘Who is the God of T20 cricket’? The answer is finally here and Alley Sport brings you all the updates and news on the cricket world.

God of T20 cricket

The Universe Boss Chris Gayle is the God of T20 cricket without any doubt and the reason behind is the domination against the bowlers and the amount of runs he has scored in the format with ease up to now. He really cherishes every opportunity and never lets the team down more often. The format is really designed for the huge lad from Caribbean with all the power he possesses and hits sixes for fun.

Who is the God of T20 cricket including international and domestic? 1
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The emergence of T20 cricket has been a carnage for the cricket fans watching and this man has made the format his own by smashing huge sixes for fun. Built huge and to go with a heavy bat, he is one of the highly feared batsman to bowl at, with the range of shots he possess. The boundary lines are never a threat for him, and the impact he can create is really massive.

God of T20 cricket Chris Gayle’s Staggering numbers

With more than 13,000 runs in T20 cricket all over the world, no other batsman have been near to that tally. Averaging over 37 and with a strike rate of 146 in the format to go with 22 hundreds and 85 half centuries, he is the greatest ever T20 batsman as of now. He hits boundaries for fun as he just crossed the 1000 mark in the completed IPL for the overall sixes he has hit in the format.

Who is the God of T20 cricket including international and domestic? 2
God of T20 cricket Chris Gayle

Mind boggling is the word that comes to my mind looking at the big man’s numbers in the T20 format who remained as one of the best entertainers in the game if not the best. The man holds most of the records in the format and 175 not out playing for the RCB team in an IPL game against Pune Warriors remains the highest score by any batsman in T20 cricket till now.

At 41, he stills plays T20 cricket around the globe and the impact he can create has never gone down by any means. In fact, he was one of the key factors for the Punjab team in their comeback run after losing so many in the early stages this year. Some experts have even donned him as the ‘Bradman of T20 cricket’ and this shows the consistency he has in T20s.

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