Who is the god of football in 2020? Revealing the best football player in the world

The best football player in the world these days have been raised to the status of God and we have so many good players this season that it is hard to determine who is the god of football this season. Read on to see what Alley sport has to say.

The Best Football player in the world, Contestants

Who is the god of football in 2020?
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This question; Who is the god of football frequently arises in every football fan’s head. For those who are tired of seeing Messi and Ronaldo win almost every single individual laurel over the past decade or so, you have come to the right list. It’s an exciting and sad time for football as their ironhold comes to an end and other footballers who have lived in their shadows are slowly coming to the fore.

But of course, the list would never be complete without Messi and Ronaldo, so both of them are on this list having led their respective teams to the UCL QF and Serie A title respectively. Messi achieved a 20+ double in terms of goals and assists which is a tremendous feat few have achieved.

Virgil Van Dijk, the superstar defender who almost ousted the big 2 has made defending cool again and looks to be the first since Cannavaro to clinch laurels for not scoring goals but defending them instead. If he keeps up his performances, he is likely to come out successful eventually.

Ciro Immobile, not a celebrity by any means but his goal scoring record this year has been phenomenal. Few would be believe that this under the radar has outscored Messi, Ronaldo and even Lewan’goal’ski this season with 36 goals! So who is the god of football? Get to know below!

Who is the God of football in 2020?

Lewan’goal’ski in the words of his teammate Mueller. 34 goals, each one of which has contributed to a treble. The Machine has been ruthlessly clinical this season, converting so many half chances to goals and it’s a truly deserved title this season – the god of football

Who is the god of football in 2020?
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The Golden shoe nominees can be found here.

Other honourable mentions for best football player in the world

Thomas Mueller and Kevin De Bruyne complete this list with 21 and 20 assists respectively.

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