Who is Mohamed Salah’s wife? Liverpool star’s wife and her occupation

Mo Salah has caused havoc at Liverpool FC since switching from As Roma to the Red Merseyside Liverpool in 2017. He has won several titles with Liverpool, including the Champions League, the Premier League, and many more. The supporters adore Salah, who is unquestionably a Liverpool icon by this point. For this reason, let’s take a look at Who is Mohamed Salah’s wife? Liverpool star’s wife and her occupation.

Who is Mohamed Salah's wife? Liverpool star's wife and her occupation 1
Who is Mohamed Salah’s wife?

Who is Mohamed Salah’s wife? All about her

Magi Sadeq, the love of Mo Salah’s life, was married. Most people know Magi Sadeq as Mo Salah’s wife. He is often referred to as “The Egyptian King.” Magi is 28 years old because she was born in 1994. She is a member of a large family and also has a twin sister named Mohab Sadeq. Mahy and Miram are two other sisters that Magi has.

At Mohammed Eyad Al Tantawi School, which she and Mo Salah attended, Magi’s parents worked as educators. A biotechnology bachelor’s degree has been earned by Magi Salah. Magi is prohibited from being seen without her “hijab” as she’s also a Muslim.

On December 17, 2013, in Nagrig, Egypt, Salah and Magi were united in marriage. They both tend to avoid social situations since they are really quiet, uncomplicated individuals. She may be a biotechnologist, although that is not her official title, according to some sources. She is quite shy and makes every effort to stay out of the spotlight.

There are two girls, Makka and Kayyan, born to Magi Sadeq and Salah. At the time of Makka’s birth in October 2014, Salah was a Chelsea player.

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