Where Will Neymar Play Next? Brazilian Star Set To Leave PSG in 2023

It’s uncertain whether Neymar will stay at Paris Saint-Germain or Leave for another club. PSG has announced that Lionel Messi will go at the end of the current campaign as the Parisians attempt to assemble their squad around Kylian Mbappe. We at Alley Sport are here to cover Where Will Neymar Play Next? The Brazilian is expected to leave Parc des Princes after the current campaign because an array of injuries and off-field issues have put his starting position in jeopardy.

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Where Will Neymar Play Next? Image Credits:- Getty Images.

Where Will Neymar Play Next? Preview

During PSG’s match against Lille in Ligue 1 in February, Neymar was carried off on a stretcher. He had hurt his ankle four times in the preceding years. Moreover, wearing a PSG jersey made it feel like the end of the road. The forward is one of the finest to ever play the game, a terrific footballer, and a world-class entertainer.

However, he also poses some risks to PSG. At this time, he isn’t improving his squad, and his antics off the pitch are causing the Ligue 1 leaders a great deal of trouble. The indications are that summer will end soon. The club could be better off without him since the player needs a new beginning. Read Till the End to find out, Where Will Neymar Play Next?

A footballer with his profile is difficult to get rid of, though. Neymar is nearing the end of his peak at the age of 31, has two years left on his contract, and earns a staggering €1 million (£960,000/$1.1 million) every week. He also lacks a release clause, so PSG may essentially decide how much to want for him.

And it’s improbable that they’ll permit such a coveted asset to depart on a poor deal. However, everything is conceivable given the correct conditions. And whoever team signs him will still receive a lot. In addition to having extraordinary talent, Neymar has a track record of success. He would also make a lot of money off the field since his signing is certain to increase jersey sales and gameday income. However, there are of course some issues.

As was already established, Neymar is prone to injuries, occasionally troublesome in the locker room, and especially narcissistic. It would be quite challenging to get him to buy into any system. However, it doesn’t follow that some significant clubs won’t be motivated to attempt.

According to Multiple Sources, Manchester City, Newcastle United, Manchester United, and Chelsea would all be willing to sign Neymar after he leaves PSG. Neymar received a call from Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola, who came to ascertain the player’s emotional status, according to L’Equipe.

However, based on the information there is, there are now extremely few chances of the Brazilian signing with the English champions. Neymar is being courted across the English Channel after he made room for a departure this summer. The 31-year-old Brazilian player has drawn attention from a number of Premier League teams, including the teams we mentioned, Manchester United, Chelsea, and Newcastle.

To see Neymar team up with Erling Haaland at the Etihad would undoubtedly be intriguing. However, if he were to go with their arch-rivals Manchester United, it would also be a fantastic move. He may be a part of Chelsea’s rebirth under Mauricio Pochettino, but the Blues cannot promise European football.

Apart from European Teams, The MLS or even the Saudi Arabian Clubs could entice Neymar in signing for one of their Clubs. After signing Karim Benzema, Neymar could also be the lastest addition moving to Saudi Arabia.

Where Will Neymar Play Next? Image Credits:- Getty Images.
Where Will Neymar Play Next? Image Credits:- Getty Images.

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