What Happened To Camp Nou? Barcelona’s Home Stadium Has Hosted Last Game in 2023

The 2023–24 season will be the last one in which Barcelona may host their home games at Camp Nou. We at Alley Sport are here to provide you with What Happened To Camp Nou? Spanish champions Barcelona defeated Mallorca 3-0 on Sunday, the last La Liga match of the year, and the curtains came down at Spotify Camp Nou.

What Happened To Camp Nou? Image Credits:- Football Pink.
What Happened To Camp Nou? Image Credits:- Football Pink.

What Happened To Camp Nou? Preview

After years of deterioration, the stadium where giants of the game like Johan Cruyff, Diego Maradona, Ronaldinho, Lionel Messi, and others played will be renovated over the course of the next 18 months. Once the renovations are complete, Barca President Joan Laporta claims the Catalan club will have “the best ground in the world.”

A £1.3 billion rehabilitation project for Barcelona includes updating its ancient Camp Nou stadium. In order to do that, the stadium’s seating capacity will be raised to 105,000 from 99,354 seats. The stadium will undergo extensive renovations, including the addition of a roof, and as part of an appealing sponsorship agreement worth £237 million, the name of the stadium will change to Spotify Camp Nou.

Barcelona will play at the stadium in 2022–2023 with little to no interruption, but they won’t be allowed to while renovations are being done, which will prevent them from playing there in 2023–2024. After repeated setbacks, plans for the modifications to Camp Nou have finally been finalised. The proposal to upgrade it was first proposed in 2014.

The Estadi Lluis Companys/Olympic Stadium, which was originally the home of Catalan rivals Espanyol because it was built for the 1992 Olympic Games, will host all of Barcelona’s home matches beginning in the next season.

Barcelona moves out of Camp Nou for the first time since the 1950s, drawing attention to one of the oldest athletic venues in Spain, located in Barcelona’s Montjuic neighbourhood. The first stadium was constructed in 1927 and opened by King Alfonso XIII on May 20, 1929, one day following the start of the International Exhibition.

The elderly stadium, which debuted in 1957, was farewelled by more than 88,000 spectators. Before concluding with a pitch display, dance routines, live music, confetti, and fireworks, Barca paid tribute to the occasion with a video of some of the location’s most memorable moments.

Messi’s showreel enticed fans to chant his name throughout Camp Nou in the hope of seeing him back at the club next season. In reality, construction on the renovations began during the WC midseason break. The capacity was reduced from 99,000 to 94,000 in the second part of the season due to the removal of a sizable portion of a stand behind one of the goals. The stadium’s urgently needed modernization will now begin as the season has come to a close.

What Happened To Camp Nou? Image Credits:- Wikipedia
What Happened To Camp Nou? Image Credits:- Wikipedia

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