Virat Kohli’s donation to feed 10000 malnourished children

Virat Kohli's donation
Virat Kohli's donation

Virat Kohli has established his will to donate his brand endorsement profit to feed 10000 malnourished children.  Alley Sport brings you all the news on Virat Kohli’s donation and updates from the cricketing world.

Virat Kohli’s donation to charity

Virat Kohli’s donation to charity has brought up his efforts to help the society and depicted his kind hearted nature other than being a match winner for India. He cherishes the opportunity to contribute to the malnourished children and Vize has announced him as the brand ambassador on account of his preparedness, discipline and world class standards.

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Kohli had quoted as saying “I’m glad to be a part of this initiative which aims to fight against malnutrition in India through my earnings from Vize which shows the desire he has to help the needy hands. The Indian captain had also praised the heroes during the Covid times who have risked their lives for the sake of serving the country.

Virat Kohli’s love and gratitude for the country

Virat Kohli’s donation not only shows his desire to serve the malnourished children, but in a way to express his solidarity with the people in the country. He added that “As sportspersons, we athletes are recipients of much love and hero-worship. But in these difficult times, it is the Covid-19 warriors who are the true heroes who are putting their lives at risk to save the others. I feel excited to be associated with Vize because it is my way of expressing solidarity with fellow Indians.”

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Such has been his love for the country and his contribution to Indian cricket has also been immense in the last decade. The next assignment for the Indian captain will be to marshal his troops for the Australian tour starting on Nov 27. He will return to India after the Adelaide test as he has taken paternity leave and he will be certainly missed considering his previous records in Australia.

Who will captain the side after he leaves? Will it be the test vice captain Ajinkya Rahane or the current IPL winning captain Rohit Sharma? Follow Alley Sport on and head to the main page to read more articles like this and stay up to date with more cricket and football news.

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