As it happened: Man United v/s Chelsea; UCL 2008 FINAL

As it happened: Man United v/s Chelsea; UCL 2008 FINAL 1

When we talk about one of the greatest Champions League finals, Manchester United v/s Chelsea 2008 UCL final is a match that we cannot forget. It was the first ever first all-English club final in history of UCL. The date of the fixture being 21 May, 2008 in Moscow, Russia. It was the first European game to be played in Russia.

The fixture between one of the greatest English clubs then looked promising. Sir Alex Ferguson wanted to add another feather in his cap after securing the Premier League. There is aggression on both sides and attacking football expected on both corners.

As it happened: Man United v/s Chelsea; UCL 2008 FINAL 2
Manchester United lineup in 2008 UCL Final
As it happened: Man United v/s Chelsea; UCL 2008 FINAL 3
Chelsea Lineup in 2008 UCL final

While Manchester United went with the traditional 4-4-2 lineup, Chelsea went with 4-3-2-1. It is Cristiano Ronaldo v/s Joe Cole and Wayne Rooney v/s Drogba. Both being one of the best strikers to have played for their club. John Terry captained Chelsea tonight.

As the game begins, the usual Manchester United football is on the heat as they enjoy the majority of the possession in the first 10 minutes with both sides passing the ball without making much of any errors. Ronaldo has created an early havoc on the left wing for Manchester United against Michael Essien. As 20 minutes pass in the game, Chelsea have had some of the corners and freekicks but no goals yet. Paul Scholes injuring himself at the 21st minute and still picking up a yellow card.


Yes you heard it right. Ronaldo scores his 42nd goal of the season by a header from a cross by Web Brown. United are 1-0 up in the most crucial game. Shots on target from both sides as Van Der Sar makes a crucial save against Ballack at the 33rd minute. During the 34th minute, Petr Cech makes a double save, stopping Tevez and Carrick from scoring. Rooney delivers a beautiful cross at the 41st minute that Tevez fails to convert into a goal.

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Cristiano Scores!


Frank Lampard scores against an empty goal post that came through the sloppiness of the United defense. Van Der Sar left clueless. The score reads 1-1 at Half time.

Image result for frank lampard 2008 ucl final
Lampard celebrates after scoring

As the second half begins, both sides are enjoying their chunk of possession and getting the ball near the opposite goal but missing again and again. Wayne Rooney has been amazing and he picks Evra who misses his cross. At the 56th minute, Frank Lampard delivers a cross but the Chelsea players fail to capitalize. Frank Lampard has been one of the best Chelsea players in the match. Although Chelsea upped their tempo several times since half time, they still didn’t manage to score. There are free kicks, corners and failed crosses on both sides but it is still 1-1 at 90 minutes. The teams are now set to battle it out in the Extra Time.

Giggs aims at an empty goal at the 102nd minute but is blocked by John Terry, who has been amazing in the defense. Carlos Tevez finds himself between the Chelsea players in a verbal argument. What happened next came as a shocker to football fans. DROGBA SLAPPED VIDIC! Dogba was sent off for slapping Nemanja Vidic at the 116th minute. Drogba became the 2nd Chelsea player to be sent off in UCL Finals.


Carlos Tevez scores from the first penalty for United. Ballack equalises and it is 1-1 in Penalties. Scholes scores for United as Balletti scores for Chelsea. RONALDO MISSES A PENALTY! Ronaldo has missed the penalty while Lampard scores. Chelsea lead 3-2 on penalties. Hargreaves scores for United and Andy Cole scores for Chelsea. Chelsea lead 4-3 and it is down to the last penalty kick. If Chelsea score, they win the UCL 2008 FINAL! However, Nani scores for United and it is all upto John Terry now!

John Terry puts its wide! Van Der Sar jumps on the other side and it was a possible goal for Chelsea but John Terry misses the shot and the ball flew far right! It is all into Sudden death now!

As it happened: Man United v/s Chelsea; UCL 2008 FINAL 4
John Terry’s miss

Anderson scores for United while Kalou scores for Chelsea. The score is 5-5. Giggs has scores for United and it is down to Anelka now! VAN DER SAR SAVES ANELKA’S shot!

IT IS RED IN RUSSIA AS UNITED HAVE WON THE 2008 UCL Final. Ronaldo is lying on the ground in tears of joy as United have won! John Terry is emotional! We have seen it all in this match. Sir Alex Ferguson is on CLOUD 9! As UNITED LIFT THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!

As it happened: Man United v/s Chelsea; UCL 2008 FINAL 5

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