Manchester United set to suffer the highest loss if 2019/20 season is cancelled

Manchester United set to suffer the highest loss if 2019/20 season is cancelled 1

The 2019/20 football season has been postponed indefinitely. Many clubs are now facing heavy losses due to no football being played. Thus, clubs have started putting their staff on furlough or cutting their wages. While the bigger clubs are cutting player wages, some are cutting down their expenses in other forms. Manchester United are set to face the highest loss if the season is cancelled.

The consequence of the major halt in the game will now shape up as loss for major footballing clubs. According to a report by Daily Mail, major Premier League clubs are now going to face huge amount of losses. Theses losses are on the top of the losses that the clubs are already facing.

Manchester United are set to suffer the most from this halt. Premier League Clubs like Burnley admitted that they’ll go short on funds if things don’t continue by August. Largest portion of this money that the clubs are going to lose comes from TV rights. Team fixtures like that of Manchester United vs Manchester City, and among the top teams bring much more revenue to the clubs.

Clubs To Face Losses

Although all clubs are going to face some losses, losses for top 6 will pile on. Manchester United are set to lose £116.4m that include TV money, matchday revenue & commercial revenue, the loss may affect their transfer policy too. Their Manchester counterparts, Manchester City may lose £109.3m. Along with the Manchester Clubs, Liverpool who are on the top of the Premier League and look all set to win the Premier League may lose amount of upto £102.6m.

Manchester united loss

Thus, keeping in mind the high losses that the clubs may face, smaller clubs are likely to go bankrupt. Although some clubs may just be able to make it out in time, other clubs will face the heat and may sell some players to overcome losses.

As understood by Alley Sport, the transfer window of this summer may see clubs not investing in high amounts to get players. Apart from these clubs, the London based clubs like Chelsea, Tottenham & Arsenal may also lose huge amounts if the season is cancelled. The losses will amount to £91m , £83m and £74.8m respectively.

Thus, clubs are trying to find out a way to recover these losses and hence focused more on continuing the season in later summer. However, it is not expected that the play will begin before early May. Hope things get sorted out with the clubs soon. We may get to see football from later May.

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