UCL next week’s fixtures: Which clubs can still qualify for UCL Round of 16?

UCL next week’s fixtures

UCL next week's fixtures
UCL next week’s fixtures

This season marks the 68th Season of the UEFA Champions League since it was founded in the year 1955. The Champions League never fails to excite Football fans around the world. The competition till now has had some very exciting fixtures and the outcomes are completely jaw-dropping. The UCL next week’s fixtures are the Group stage – Matchday 6 of 6.

UCL next week’s fixtures are listed:

These fixtures take between the 1st to 3rd of November 2022. The following are UCL next week’s fixtures:-

1). FC Porto v Athletico Madrid FC

2). Bayern Leverkusensen FC v Club Brugge FC

3). Bayern Munich FC v Inter Milan FC

4). Liverpool FC v Napoli FC

5). Olympique de Marseille v Tottenham Hotspur FC

6). Rangers FC v Ajax FC

7). FC Viktoria Plzen v FC Barcelona

8). Sporting FC v Eintracht Frankfurt FC

9). Real Madrid FC v Celtic FC

10). Shakhtar Donetsk FC v RB Leipzig FC

11). AC Milan v RB Salzburg

12). Maccabi Haifa v Benfica

13). Copenhagen v Dortmund

14). Man City v Sevilla

15). Juventus v PSG

16). Chelsea v Dinamo Zagreb

All these 32 European Footballs will be ready to battle in the UCL for the last time before the International Break commences for the World Cup Tournament.

UCL next week's fixtures
UCL next week’s fixtures

UCL Teams already Qualified

The following are the UCL Clubs that have already qualified for the Knockout stages of this season’s Champions League at the time of writing:-

1). Napoli (Group A)

2). Liverpool (Group A)

3). Club Brugge (Group B)

4). Porto (Group B).

5). Bayern Munich (Group C)

6). Inter Milan (Group C)

7). Chelsea (Group E)

8). Real Madrid (Group F).

9). Manchester City (Group G)

10). Borussia Dortmund (Group G)

11). PSG (Group H)

12). Benfica (Group H)

This Season has been a huge shock for some of the Big Clubs in Europe. The likes of FC Barcelona, Juventus, Sevilla, Ajax, Athletico Madrid, etc. will all have to play in the Europa League for the remainder of the UCL season as they couldn’t qualify for the Knockout stages from their respective groups.

UCL Teams that could still Qualify for Knockout Stages

Some of these UCL clubs still have to decide their faith in the next week’s fixtures. The entire Group D consisting of UCL clubs like Tottenham Hotspur, Sporting, Eintracht Frankfurt, and Olympique de Marseille are still yet to finalize their standings for this season.

UCL Clubs like RB Salzburg (Group E), and Shakhtar Donetsk (Group F), still have a chance to reach the Knockout stages of this Season’s Champions League.

What are your predictions for this season’s Champions League?

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