Top 5 Controversies in Cricket

Top 5 Controversies in Cricket 1

Controversies are a part of every sport. We have seen various controversies in cricket for the same reason. There is no single sport which has not seen controversies in its history. In Cricket we have seen many controversial moments in history. Here are some of the most controversial moments in cricket.

Pakistan Spot-fixing Scandal 2010

Pakistan cricket team is considered one of the most controversial cricket teams. We have seen many controversial moments from Pakistan team in history. Match fixing is one of the most infamous thing about Pakistan cricket. In 2010, when 3 Pakistan cricketers did Spot-fixing whole cricket world was shocked. Salman Butt, Mohammed Asif and Mohammad Amir were involved in that scandal. These 3 cricketers were sentenced imprisonment for 5 years and that was the first time when cricketers were sent to jail for a cricketing incident.

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Body line series, 1932

Body line series was one of the first controversies in cricket. Don Bradman was one of the greatest Batsman ever in cricket history. It was very tough to take his wicket for bowlers. But English captain Douglas Jardine used Bouncers for Don Bradman in every ball on his face. That was one of the most controversial moment in cricket history. They named the series as Body line series

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Monkey Gate Scandal, 2008

2008 Australia vs India Sydney test, another controversial test match. Here, bad umpiring in this match cost India its victory in that test. But other then umpiring, Monkey Gate Scandal was more famous and controversial thing in that test. Harbhajan Singh and Andrew Symonds were involved in this drama. Harbhajan Singh was seen calling out something to Andrew Symonds and everyone thought he called him a monkey.

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Australians even involved Sachin Tendulkar in this drama because Sachin Tendulkar was batting with Harbhajan Singh at that time. But after all the drama, ICC banned Harbhajan Singh for no valid reason. But India took revenge in the next match at Perth by beating Australia.

Under arm bowling, 1981

In 1981 at MCG, match was being played between Australia and New Zealand. New Zealand needed 5 runs in last ball of the match but Australia’s Captain Greig Chappell told his brother Trevor Chappell to bowl an under arm ball. The under arm ball made it impossible for the New Zealand Batsman to hit a six. The match ended in a big controversy. Even Australian cricketers did not support this act and after that under arm bowling rules were changed by ICC. This was one of the biggest controversies in cricket.

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Hansie Cronje Match Fixing Scandal, 2000

Hero to Zero is a perfect caption for Hansie Cronje. He was the man who changed the South African team with his outstanding captaincy. He took South African team to number 1 at that time. The year 2000 saw his name come up in match fixing scandal and ICC banned him for life time. After few months he was dead in a plane crash.

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Hansie Cronje

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