Top 10 Footballers with most salaries in 2021 – updated after Messi’s shocking PSG move

Top 10 Footballers with most salaries in 2021

Footballers are some of the biggest earners in the world, especially in sports. Perhaps only NBA players can match their wage packets, but even then, the amount of football players earning upwards of £1million a month just in wages, after taxes, is just ludicrous. Here, Alley Sport looks at the Top 10 Footballers with most salaries in 2021. So sit back and enjoy!

10. Robert Lewandowski (£352,000-a-week) – Bayern Munich

Robert Lewandowski is arguably the most deadly striker in the world right now. The UEFA Player of the Year in 2020, Lewandowski has ripped the Champions League and Bundesliga to shreds in recent years. So perhaps, he has rightly earned that £352k-a-week contract at Bayern.

9. David de Gea (£375,000-a-week) – Manchester United

David de Gea is no longer the best goalkeeper in Europe, or in the league, or even in Manchester, but he pockets an atrociously high weekly wage courtesy of the bumper 5-year-deal he signed in 2019. Well done, DDG!

8. Kevin de Bruyne (£385,000-a-week) – Manchester City

No surprise seeing a Manchester City player on the list. And it’s the one who deserves being their highest-paid player, Kevin de Bruyne. Quite arguably the best midfielder in the world, don’t be surprised if he crosses the £400k mark in his next contract.

Kevin de Bruyne features on the Top 10 Footballers with most salaries.
Kevin de Bruyne features on the Top 10 Footballers with most salaries.

7. Kylian Mbappe (£403,000-a-week) – PSG

Surprise, surprise. It’s a 22-year-old earning over £400k a week! Kylian Mbappe is arguably PSG’s third-best player but earns in a week what most world-class footballers would make in a month. A bright future (and a ton of $$$) ahead for sure.

6. Antoine Griezmann (£575,000-a-week) – Barcelona

The Barcelona winger signed for them in 2019. Who knew he would be such an expensive acquisition in the long run? With Lionel Messi now at Paris, it may be time for the Frenchman to show his worth with the spotlight now on him.

5. Luis Suarez (£575,000-a-week) – Atletico Madrid

It’s unlikely seeing a club like Atletico Madrid break the bank for a player in his 30s, but they did that for Luis Suarez last year and he has repaid their faith with the La Liga title. Worth the money? For now, yes.

4. Gareth Bale (£600,000-a-week) – Real Madrid

Talk about stealing a living… Gareth Bale earns an astounding amount at Real Madrid for doing nothing more than warming the bench. He did have some work to do when he was on loan at Spurs, but he’s back vacationing and earning the big bucks for at least another year in Madrid.

Top 10 Footballers with most salaries.
Top 10 Footballers with most salaries.

3. Neymar (£600,000-a-week) – PSG

Neymar was obviously going to be on the list. He comes in just behind the usual suspects but we can imagine a new contract may be on the horizon that can see this figure increase even further.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo (£950,000-a-week) – Juventus

Cristiano Ronaldo is a brand name in himself and he is not a cheap player to have on your books. With just a year left on his current deal, Juve may be thanking their lucky stars they didn’t offer him a longer deal with that kind of money being shelled out on the Portuguese.

1. Lionel Messi (£950,000+-a-week) – PSG

Messi’s new contract is an eye-watering nearly £1m-a-week in wages. There was no way Barcelona were going to afford that amount. The best player in the world deserves to top the list, however, you can’t help but notice FFP’s complete failure when it comes to seeing one team feature thrice on this list.

So this was the Footballers with most salaries right now. Did you like the list, and did we miss anyone? Let us know!

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