Top 10 Football Retro kits: A list of the best retro football jerseys

Top 10 Football Retro Kits

Who doesn’t love a bit of a throwback to the olden times? The game might be modernizing each day- with new technology revolutionizing the art of football from head to toe- quite literally, as players now sport kits and boots made with the latest cutting edge technology, laced with sponsorships and whatnot. But nothing can beat kits from the past as they remind us of a simpler time, and here, Alley Sport brings you the top 10 Football Retro Kits.

10. Celtic (1967)

Celtic are one of the biggest clubs in world football. And their biggest moment on the European stage came in 1967, when they won the European Cup. They have released a retro kit in honour of that, which is actually on sale on their official site for £40.

Celtic 1967 jersey makes our top 10 football retro kits.
Celtic 1967 jersey makes our top 10 football retro kits. (Image: Official Celtic site)

9. 1994 USA Away Kit

The 1994 FIFA World Cup was held in the United States of America, and there was no way their kits were not going to reflect their hyper-patriotism. The away kit especially went on to become with stars spangled across the jersey.

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Image: Pinterest

8. Chelsea 2003 Away Kit

Too close to be retro, but we will include it anyway. It’s been 18 years after all, and this was the first away jersey Chelsea sported in their first campaign under new owner, Roman Abramovich. The kit colour scheme still remains a classic.

Chelsea away kit 2003 features in best retro kits 2021. (Image: Pinterest)
Chelsea away kit 2003 features in best football retro kits 2021. (Image: Pinterest)

7. England 1996 World Cup final kit

The most beautiful thing about national kits, and a major reason why their retro kits appeal the most to fans, is the simplicity that having no sponsors on the shirt brings. England’s red kit worn in their only World Cup final in 1966 is a cult classic.

England retro kit 1966. (Pinterest)
England retro kit 1966. (Pinterest)

6. Boca Juniors 1913

The commemorative shirt made by Nike for Boca Junior’s 1913 seasons is perfection. From the colour scheme to the simplicity of the kit, it is a must-have for any retro kit collector.

Best football retro kits. (Pinterest)
Best football retro kits. (Pinterest)

5. Sweden 1994-96

Sweden’s kit follows the same colour pattern as Boca Juniors’ kits. Maybe we are just biased that way, but the kit that they wore in the 1994 World Cup and 1996 Euros can’t be forgotten easily.

(Image: Pinterest)
(Image: Pinterest)

4. Manchester United 1992-94

The Manchester United home kit worn for three years between 1992 and 1994 is simply iconic. The Sharp sponsor, the collar, the bright red colour… it has everything!

Man United's kit makes the best football retro kits. (Image: Pinterest)
Man United’s kit makes the best football retro kits. (Image: Pinterest)

3. France 2000 home kit

A true work of art from Adidas. The France 2000 home kit was the jersey superstars like Zinedine Zidane and David Trezeguet sported as Les Bleus lifted the UEFA European Championship.

France retro kit. (Pinterest)
France retro kit. (Pinterest)

2. West Germany 1990-92

This one is also one of the finest kits ever made by Adidas. It set the tone for iconic jerseys for the Germany national team but none of them could capture the eccentricity yet simplicity of the 1990-92 home kit.

Best football retro kits. (Pinterest)
Best football retro kits. (Pinterest)

1. Liverpool 1984 home kit

The kit worn by arguably the most dominant club team since Real Madrid in the late 1950s, Liverpool’s 1984 kit was the shirt they wore when they lifted their 4th European Cup in just 7 years. It has come to signify the rich history blended with the modernity of Liverpool’s footballing past and present.


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