Tokyo Olympics postponed to 2021. Read details here:

Tokyo 2020

The much awaited Tokyo Olympics have been postponed after a meeting between Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and IOC president Thomas Bach. It is however highlighted by Bach that cancelling the Olympic Games is out of question. Tokyo Olympics 2020 have now been postponed.

Japan has invested heavily in infrastructure and logistics and isn’t possible for them to cancel the games. The Olympics have been postponed to 2021 keeping in mind the importance of the fitness of athletes. The athletes would be at their peak next year and the safety of the spectators can also be ensured.

This postponement is the first in the 124 year history of the games. The Olympic flame is likely to stay in Japan as a support to the games and Japan in this situation. The Olympics may be held in the summer months in 2021. The Olympics have never been postponed, but only cancelled twice during the World War One & World War Two.

Tokyo Olympics postponed to 2021. Read details here: 1
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Athletes all over the world have been interrupted of their training and this has caused the drop in their form. While this would also be a blessing in disguise for the athletes to underwent surgery and those who are injured currently.

Japan has spent $12bn on the Olympic Games that were to happen. The huge amount can go in vain if the Olympic Games are cancelled. Goldman Sachs predicted that Japan may lose $4.5bn if the Olympic Games don’t go as planned.

The Tokyo Olympics 2020 are the last games to be postponed this year. The Indian Premier League, English Premier League, Euro 2020 are some of the leagues that have been postponed too.

“The Cancellation was discussed and every other option was kept on the table. However, it was decided that cancellation is not something that IOC is in favour of,” Bach said. The logistics, sponsorship and broadcasting would now be a bigger problem for Japan in future as they have already spent a larger amount.

This decision to postpone the Olympics has been welcomed by Associations of most of the countries. Hoping we could witness Olympic action soon!

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