Today’s football prediction; Premier League, 8th nov

Today's football prediction; Premier League, 8th nov 1
Image credits, Sky Sports, Today's football prediction

Alleysport covers today’s football prediction of the Premier league with the new heavyweight fixture of world football and the emerging fixture between two rising teams. Read on to take a look at our predictions and tell us what you think.

West Bromwich vs. Tottenham

Image source, Talksport, Today's football prediction
Image source, Talksport, Today’s football prediction

Probably the only clear cut fixture this weekend, high flying Tottenham with the highest number of goals so far before Chelsea took that spot will look to destroy West Bromwich and climb to the top of the table for a short while at least if Liverpool end up winning. With the added pace of Bale, that flank looks devastating while the strike pair of Son and Harry Kane are on a roll. The issues with West Bromwich’s management have become very obvious on the pitch. With low morale and terrible form, unlikely they stand a chance this match.

Today’s football prediction: West Brom 1 – 5 Tottenham

Leicester City vs. Wolves

An exciting fixture these past few seasons, the best of the rest have been bringing it to the big guns and are closing the gap fast. Leicester have won 5 in a row and most of those by good margins, Wolves on the other hand have had their wins but the scorelines very narrow. In form Jamie Vardy will look to carry on his good form and take his team to the top too!

Today’s football prediction: Leicester 3 – Wolves 1

Image credits, Football365, Today's football prediction
Image credits, Football365, Today’s football prediction

Manchester City vs. Liverpool

A fixture that is so unpredictable that it either ends up with a lot of goals or a complete lack of it. Unlike other big matches where managers try to play it safe, Pep and Klopp will go against each other with all they’ve got, especially considering how early in the season it is, both managers will attempt to dominate the other team and show them who’s boss. Liverpool with a lack of defensive options will try to capitalise on their attacking prowess while City has the opposite problem as they have to depend on a young Torres who doesn’t have much big match experience.

Today’s football prediction: Man City 1 – Liverpool 2

Lineups based on today’s football prediction

Today’s match predictions are based on our predicted lineups and the teams’ forms in the previous few games, which you can check out below:
Mancity lineup vs. Liverpool
Liverpool lineup vs. Mancity
Tottenham predicted lineup vs. West Brom

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