The 3 FPL YouTube Channels That’ll Give You an Advantage

The Fantasy Premier League (FPL) is of huge interest to fans, and one of the chief assets when making decisions can be tips and suggestions from those in the know. In no particular order, here are three of the best FPL YouTube channels for your consideration.


The 3 FPL YouTube Channels That’ll Give You an Advantage 1

FPL TV is the perfect YouTube channel for those with minimal time to spare, as the videos are relatively short (around 11 or 12 minutes typically) and go up once a week. So if you don’t want to soak in hours of content, or can’t due to time commitments, this is an accessible and regularly updated channel that might well tickle your fancy.

As with the other channels listed here, FPL TV also has an active Twitter feed for breaking, extra content. Focusing on the videos, the weekly approach naturally fits the game week schedule (with the previous week being recapped before previewing the next with potential transfers and the like), and the audio delivery is nice and relaxing. There’s less detail both in commentary and on-screen graphics which may be to your liking or not, depending on personal preference, with more info presented from the other two channels on this list. For a low-intensity approach, FPL TV is a great way to go.

And, quite recently, FPL TV has proven that Spurs players can be worth a lot, even if they haven’t won any titles for quite some time.

Predicting the Premier League

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Let’s Talk FPL

The 3 FPL YouTube Channels That’ll Give You an Advantage 2
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If you like a long view (or listen) either because you have time to kill or like having YouTube videos on when you’re doing chores or having lunch then Let’s Talk FPL might just be the right YouTube channel for your needs. Many of the videos come in at 15 to 20 minutes, but a substantial minority are around an hour long. Needless to say, if you’re in a rush this is a bad thing, but if you have plenty of time to spare then this might be more to your taste.

FPL Andy presents weekly content during the season, as well as pre-season videos looking ahead when it’s the off-season. An active Twitter feed and extra content via Patreon are also accessible if you find yourself loving the videos and wanting more. The length of videos might put some off, but this does enable for a great deal of discussion and explanation, which is a good way of learning more about FPL. The content comes out on a daily basis, so if you have a regular slot for watching Let’s Talk FPL can be ideal to sharpen your knowledge of what’s going on during game week.
For laid-back discussions at length, Let’s Talk FPL is a great channel and has earned a reputation for interesting insight that has seen the creator build up over a quarter of a million subs. Another welcome aspect of the channel is regularly answering questions to help out newcomers and more experienced FPL enthusiasts with particular queries.

FPL Tips

Short on time, or just like videos that get rapidly to the point? Then FPL Tips might well be your preferred YouTube channel for FPL suggestions. Team selection videos tend to clock in around the six-minute mark, while captaincy/player videos are usually between three and four minutes long. In addition, new videos go up a few times a week, so there’s enough content to be up to date without saturating your notifications or demanding a huge amount of your time (after all, there’s no advantage to concise videos if a thousand go up every day).

This is why FPL Tips in particular, and top YouTube channels generally, are so popular for FPL info, even though mainstream news organisations like the BBC occasionally post content about it.

The video style is also packed with information, without drowning the viewer in irrelevant stats or a rushed delivery approach, which makes the videos not only quick but also relaxing and easy to watch in order to absorb all the detail. This straightforward audio delivery is complemented perfectly by having extra stats presented on-screen, allowing viewers who are especially interested in a given player to easily see more at their discretion (it’s clear there’s a stack of research done for each video, and the channel is smart enough not to thrust the entire mountain of numbers into the viewer’s ears).

Another nice feature of the channel is that it has an active Twitter account for up to the minute breaking news and they even have an e-book guide (£2.99) if you’re so inclined.

And that wraps up our look at the top 3 YouTube channels for FPL fans, each with their own specific style, and drastically different content hours (from less than half an hour a week to four or five hours a week).

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