29th March 2018, considered as one of the black days in cricketing fraternity. Australian trio was caught using sandpaper on camera and were banned for a year. The timing of the ban wasn’t good as Steve Smith was ruling test cricket back then. He had a slight edge over his competitors. The so called Fab-4 which comprises of Virat Kohli, Joe Root and Kane Williamson. It was always said that Steve Smith doesn’t have the necessary technique to survive in test cricket but he had what it takes to be crowned the king of the world.

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Steve Smith along with the banned duo returned to Test cricket after almost 15 months at Edgbaston for the Ashes. We all know how dirty an Ashes series can be and this was no different. Steve Smith was welcomed with boos and the posters where he was seen crying. He looked shaky at the start but what he did was beyond imagination. Worked his way past a hostile English attack who were spitting venom on a surface which assisted bowlers. Initially he held the innings together and then expressed himself in a way only he could have. Treating the best of bowlers with disdain. He scored a ton which would go down as one of the best in Ashes History. Australians were 122-8 at one stage and Smith decided to take the matters in his own hands took them to 284 scoring more than 50% of teams runs.

Champions announce themselves

It is said that when Champions arrive they announce themselves. Smith did exactly the same. The crowd which booed him throughout the innings stood up for him applauding his efforts when he came back. This innings was a classic example of dedication, determination, patience and perseverance. Steve Smith showed the whole world how to take criticism as motivation in order to silence the doubters and turn them into believers so that they never come back to haunt you. The fact that even after not playing for over a year he was ranked among top 5 Test batsmen says a lot about the measure of the man and what he had achieved before the ban. I have no doubt he will get his place at the top back. Steve Smith reaching the summit of Test Cricket is inevitable.

Talent does what it can do but a genius does what he is meant to do. Steve Smith resumed normal services when he went out to bat at Edgbaston on Day 1 and continued in his merry ways to go on to score yet another test hundred surpassing few of the greats of the game to score 24 tons in fewest innings.

Epitome of Consistency

What this innings specifies about Steve Smith is his grit and the things that motivated him to be a world beater again. He may not be the captain but he still calls the shot on the field. Paine always looks up to him for ideas. Now you know the difference between a captain and a leader. A captain is the one who makes you follow them and a leader is someone whom you follow and aspire to be like him. Many people would disagree but Steve Smith is the face of Test Cricket. Epitome of consistency. If this performance from Steve Smith doesn’t get him recognition from his critics, I don’t know what will!!!!

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