Shane Watson slams new BBL 2020 rule changes, calls them ‘misguided gimmicks’

BBL rule changes
BBL rule changes

Shane Watson seems to have disliking’s for the new BBL rule changes as he slams it as ‘misguided gimmicks’. He has stressed on the complexities oriented with the rule changes.  Alley Sport is here to bring you all the updates around the cricket world

New 2020 BBL rule changes

Cricket Australia came up with different plans for the BBL 2020 as they introduced three new BBL rule changes for the upcoming edition starting on December 10. These rules include the Power Surge, X factor player and Bash Boost, and will be up for display in the new edition. These rules have been introduced with the intention to attract more viewers and to support the entertainment factor.

Shane Watson slams new BBL 2020 rule changes, calls them ‘misguided gimmicks’ 1
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Shane Watson took a toll on these rules over a blog post by calling them as ‘gimmicks’ and ‘misguided attempts’. He also added that “I just can’t seem to get my head around why there are people out there who are trying to reinvent the wheel when the wheel was not broken.” in his blog post. This clearly depicts the state of mind he is in after the BBL rule changes.

Complexity associated with the rule changes

Shane Watson who retired from all formats of the game last year came up with an interesting opinion on the complexity associated with these BBL rule changes. He stated that ““The complexities that these new ‘science experiments’ are going to create for the viewers, let alone the players and coaches, when none of these have been tried and tested at lower levels, have really taken the wind out of my sails,

Shane Watson slams new BBL 2020 rule changes, calls them ‘misguided gimmicks’ 2
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This might come as a surprise for the cricket fans but the truth is three rule changes have made it tougher and tougher for the bowlers. The Power Surge is to reduce the six over powerplay to first four overs and the remaining two over pair to be used by the batting team of their choice after the 10th over mark. X factor Player is the usage of 12th and 13th man from the team sheet to replace a player who hasn’t bowled or batted for less than one over.

Bash Boost is the division of four championship points into three for the winning team and one point for the team with more runs at the 10th over mark. This change may be better for the table contention considering the losing team still can gain a point and the rule could become a success.

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