Cut-throat competition in Serie A, and it is not just between Juventus & Inter

Cut-throat competition in Serie A, and it is not just between Juventus & Inter 1

Serie A is getting all competitive this season, which is quite contrary to its previous seasons. We have usually seen Juventus coming out as the winners from Serie A, but things are looking different this season!

Some said only Inter Milan had the potential to stop Juventus this season, with their massive transfer windows! Inter signed Romelu Lukaku, Alexis Sanchez, Christian Eriksen, Ashley Young, Barella, Sensi among many. They have all the firepower they needed the whole season. Although this much fire power could not stop them from getting eliminated from Champions League group stages. Their focus moved to winning the Serie A!

SS Lazio is the difference this time!

SS Lazio’s win over Inter on 17 February, 2020 proved that they are not here just for the name sake! Lazio climbed to 2nd spot in the points table with 56 points, just 1 point behind Juventus!

Serie A points Table
Serie A points Table

Lazio have shown incredible form this season. They are now 19 games unbeaten in SERIE A, and almost unstoppable! They have scored the 2nd highest goals (55) in Serie A, behind Atalanta (63). Top quality players and fantastic form resulted in Lazio’s success this season.

Ciro Immobile has taken the Serie A by storm, and shocked everyone in Europe! Scoring 26 goals and and 6 assists, Ciro Immobile has changed games for Lazio single handily. He has got the world noticing him and will definitely receive attention from other clubs!

Ciro Immobile Serie A

Luis Alberto & Sergej Milinkovic Savic have also been the game changers for Lazio this season. They have provided 11 and 4 assists each and kept Lazio’s game running. At the defense, Lucas Leiva & Acerbi have shown intent and kept the Defense intact. SS Lazio’s manager Simone Inzaghi also should receive the credit for SS Lazio’s exemplary form. Inzaghi showed confidence in his team before every match. He also hinted at winning the Serie A this season.

SS Lazio v/s Juventus – Serie A

Juventus are the rulers of Serie A, hands down. SS Lazio are due to face Juventus another time on 26 April, 2020. They definitely have the ability to stop the fiery lineup of Juventus that includes Cristiano Ronaldo, Paulo Dybala, Buffon, De Ligt, Aaron Ramsey, among others. But keeping in mind Juventus’ consistency, it would be a hard nut to crack. SS Lazio will also hope that Juventus drops more points. So that they can eventually edge out Juventus and climb to top of the table.

However, it would be worth witnessing if Lazio are able to maintain this form! There are still 14 games to play and things can change in due course. We may also see Inter eventually coming out as the winners. They have a great squad depth which can fetch them points. If Juventus don’t manage to win Serie A this time, it could also mean trouble for their manager Maurizio Sarri. Who do you want to see as Serie A winner? Will it be Juventus, or Lazio, or Inter Milan? Let’s see!