Reviewing ‘The Test’ Amazon Prime ‘must watch’ documentary

Reviewing 'The Test' Amazon Prime 'must watch' documentary 1

As there was nothing to do because of the Corona outbreak where offices are closed, people are isolated at home, no live cricket games I thought of watching a series on Amazon Prime The Test : A new Era for Australia‘s team It showed the rise of the Australian team after the sandpaper gate.

The series begins with Cameron Bancroft being caught on camera with the sandpaper which took the whole cricket world by storm. David Warner, Steve Smith and Cameron Bancroft were suspended with immediate effect. The then coach, Darren Lehmann resigned too. Australian cricket was in tatters.

Bancroft charged, Smith admits ball tampering ploy amazon prime the test
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Australian cricket was at an all time low. The reputation of such a huge & decorated cricket board was tarnished. They had nowhere to hide. Australia appointed Justin Langer as their new coach who had an impossible task of getting a team together with new faces. They faced England in an ODI series where they were completely outplayed and lost 5-0.


The next assignment for Australian Cricket was in the subcontinent facing Pakistan. We all know how difficult it is to defeat Pakistan in Asia. Tim Paine was the new captain. A man whose place was uncertain in the side was handed the reigns of Australian Cricket. Justin Langer tried to instill the much needed self belief in the squad but even he knew he was asking too much of them. Australians made a great escape in the first test drawing a test when nobody expected them to. We knew this Aussie team are no pushovers. They lost the second test comprehensively but this Australian side showed a fight without two of the best batsman in the world.

The next episode showed the Indian series. The first instruction that Langer gave to his team was not to sledge Virat Kohli. Australian page had released a video clip of Kohli practicing which was enough to send down shivers across the spines of the Australians. They knew who they were up against. Virat Kohli was regarded as the best batsman in the world. There was no way Australians were winning that series without Smith and Warner. Pujara and Kohli showed the Aussies what test cricket is all about. Australians lost the test series 2-1 which was expected but this was the first time Indians had won down under. Great lesson for the Aussie team. Then came the ODI series where MS Dhoni returned. He taught the new Australian team the difference between the men and the boys. Indians won the Odi Series too.

The next episode showed Australians travelling to India for 5 match Odi series. Any ODI series before the World Cup is always important. To everyone’s surprise Australians won the series 3-2 after being down 0-2 after the first 2 games. Thid side was ready for the big adventure. If that was not enough they had Smith and Warner who were going to return for the World Cup.

The next episode showed the Aussie journey in the world cup where they reached the World Cup semifinal just to be undone by England. Throughout the journey Warner and Smith were booed by the English fans and they were aware about the hostile reception they were going to receive. They handled it pretty well though. Amazon prime has done a commendable job with the representation in the Test.


The bigger test awaited the Australians after the World Cup. Australians had a tough task of retaining the Ashes. With Steve Smith and David Warner back, Australians could smell a chance to regain the Ashes. Ashes got underway with a Steve Smith 100 on the 1st day of the opening test. Steve Smith was back.. The first day of the test set the tone for an enthralling test series. Australians won the first test. England came back in the third test with a Ben Stokes special. The emotions were there to be seen in the dressing room when Stokes won the game out of nowhere. Australians won the fourth test and retained the Ashes as they had won it earlier in Australia. England won the 5th test. Ashes was drawn but Australians had retained the Ashes.

The whole journey of 18 months was filmed such briliiantly. Right from the time Steve Smith was taken away by police officials as a criminal out of Cape Town to retaining the Ashes in England. Justin Langer would surely win many fans over after this Documentary. The Test on Amazon Prime is one of the best documentaries on cricket right now.

A must watch Documentary for all the cricket fans..