Premier League’s remaining matches to be played behind closed doors

Premier League's remaining matches to be played behind closed doors 1

After UEFA & English football restrictions that suspended all football activities, football may now resume only in April/May. Football is hit with the onslaught of COVID-19. UEFA postponed EURO2020 to 2021 with the Champions & Europa Leagues suspended. Premier League’s remaining matches can now be played behind closed doors.

However, UEFA hinted that Champions League football could return in later months. This future plan although looks good on paper but is not possible practically right now. It is difficult to resume football right now looking at the conditions in Europe, specially Italy Spain & England.

The English football has although devised a plan. According to sources, they plan to complete the remaining 92 games behind closed doors. The games may restrict to only limited stadiums. Grounds may host multiple games in a single day.

A neutral venue be decided and worked upon by the clubs. Also, it will mean Liverpool to be declared the winners if league progress. Football fans are waiting for football to resume everywhere. Finishing the campaign is much more important. Clubs like Manchester United, Wolverhampton Wolves & Sheffield United want the league to resume. They have a better chance at qualifying for the Champions League and Europa League.

Liverpool premier League's matches

Neutral venues in Premier League’s matches

Playing football in neutral venues allows better control for the local authorities too. The fans should restrict themselves to travel for the games. The FA is devising a plan for the scenario. However, The plan is not easy to implement as proper framework needs to set up. Even though UEFA postponed the fixtures, it will have a keen watch on English Football. The Champions & Europa League suspended midweek. Premier League’s matches can resume in April or May.

Although it is not practically possible to resume football, precautionary steps can be taken. Precautions like limited access to players, isolation and separate changing rooms may work.

Read why football impacted the most: . Even though football and other sports are on a shut down, the Football Associations are planning on how to continue the season. The Indian Premier League, Olympics 2020 impacted too. However, if things improve we may see football happening in April. Let’s hope for the best and wish football resumes soon.