Man City appeal against UEFA ban REGISTERED by Court of Arbitration for Sport

Man City appeal against UEFA ban REGISTERED by Court of Arbitration for Sport 1

Premier League Club Manchester City’s appeal against European Ban has been registered by the Court of Arbitration for Sport. Manchester City were banned from all UEFA competitions from next season. City were also fined 30 million Euros. Man City appeal against the UEFA Ban. It is said that the club failed to cooperate during the investigation too, and the matter dates back to period between 2012 and 2016.

When the decision came about two weeks ago, City were disappointed but not surprised. Manchester City believe that they have done nothing wrong in the matter and worked with utter transparency. Even Manchester City’s CEO went on saying that the breaches were not true. Read about the ban here :

However, after the ban Manchester City were quick to respond and hired the same lawyer that blocked Brexit twice. After 2 days of his appointment, City have launched a formal appeal to Court of Arbitration for Sport.

CAS Press Release on Man City’s Appeal

CAS Press Release on Man City Appeal
CAS Press Release

The CAS Press Release clearly states that CAS has registered the appeal of Manchester City v/s UEFA on 26 February, 2020. The Press Release describes the incidence and the ban. It is also written that written statements will be taken from both parties. UEFA’s research on the matter began when a German Newspaper published leaked information regarding Man City. The information was about the inflated sponsorship deals. The deal and the money involved was against the FFP.

CAS, however, said that it isn’t possible to tell when a final decision may come. Lets see if the Man City appeal against UEFA will turn in their favour or not. It is however unlikely, given the fact that the breaches are serious. Premier League association is also deciding on imposing a ban in due course. If Premier League decides to impose a ban, it could mean more trouble for Man City. Man City’s appeal may not work anymore.