Lionel Messi rejects lifetime contract with Barcelona

The legend of Lionel Messi will also come to an end as all others do, but how long can we still enjoy him on the field?

The 32 year old, Argentine miracle man, Messi has blessed us all with consistent astonishing performances throughout his 15 year professional career and is continuing to dazzle in every game.

With a contract extension with Barcelona in the hanging, we might see him changing paths and leaving for some other club. The chances of a transfer are too bleak with Messi having continously expressed his love for Barca and the desire to end his career in the Blaugrana colours. However, anything is possible in football, who knew Cristiano Ronaldo would leave Real Madrid to join Juventus.

F.C Barcelona President, Josep Maria Bartomeu is confident to have Lionel Messi sign another contract with the club. In an interview with Catalunya Radio  he told,

“I am worried about the day he retires,”

“I would like him to sign another contract. He still has time ahead of him, we’ve spoken many times about it.

“He doesn’t have any problem with continuing at Barca. I have no doubt that he will play here until he retires, that he’s committed to the club. There are no doubts about him ending his career here and ending it when he wants.”

Lionel Messi rejects lifetime contract with Barcelona 1
Lionel Messi via Marca

Barcelona offer a lifetime contract, which Messi refuses!

Lionel Messi recently told media that he hasn’t spoken to Bartomeu since their UCL exit last season against UCL, but he is open to renewal talks. Barcelona plan to give him a lifetime contract, but Messi doesn’t desire so. In a recent interview with Argentina’s radio Metro 95.1, he said he would be a part of Barcelona for lifetime but not with a bounded contract.

“It is true that Barcelona proposed to me a contract for life, but what I said was that I do not want a contract to bind me,”

“I want to be fine to perform, to play and continue fighting for objectives. Being here can be for life, but not with a contract.”

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Messi won his 6th Ballon d’or and 6th golden shoe award this year, extending his records and dominance in World football. He has yet again started his quest for the next Ballon d’or with quite a form. Messi has scored 14 goals and assisted 8 in the 15 matches he has played this season. After an injury in the preseason he came back to the field in October and has since been back to his best. We can’t stay in denial as he is aging and will have to stop playing in coming years. F.C Barcelona will look to have the perfect successor to him soon, to be ready for the post Messi era.

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