Mourinho “I would’ve dropped a player like myself”. VIDEO:

Mourinho "I would've dropped a player like myself". VIDEO: 1

Tottenham Hotspur manager Jose Mourinho is always known for his quirky press conferences. He has again delivered another hilarious statement. While answering a question asked by a Sky Sports correspondent if Mourinho was a lazy player back in his time.

This came in response to when Baltemar Brito, Mourinho’s assistant at Porto and Chelsea desired to be a better player. Brito said that Mourinho was lazy and treated football like a hobby. He although added that Mourinho had great football ability. [Bleacher Report]

Jose Mourinho as a player
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However, Jose Mourinho reacted in his own way to this statement. Mourinho agreed that he was indeed lazy as a player. He laughed at the question first. He then said that he would’ve dropped a player like himself.

When asked if how would Jose Mourinho as a manager deal with a player like himself. He reacted by saying “I wouldn’t play him, that’s so easy!”. He also suggested that he would’ve sold himself. That too for free! It is easy.

Jose Mourinho is known for his strictness with players. He is always at the centre of attention when we talk about his relations with players. He uses this hilarious figure of speech usually in a press conference. No wonder why he doesn’t talk about himself as a player. Apparently, Jose Mourinho is the opposite manager of the kind of player he used to be.

Tottenham currently sit at 7th in the points table. They are due to play Burnley in an away fixture. Mourinho held a long press conference where he answered questions on Lloris’ injury, they getting knocked of the FA Cup and more. Tottenham’s season is in jeopardy as they are off from Top 4, knocked out from FA cup, Lost in the first tie against Salzburg in Uefa Champions League tie.

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