When Will Indian Premier League Open Auctions Take Place?

When Will Indian Premier League Open Auctions Take Place? 1

Indian Premier League Auction is one of the showpiece events of the year for which everyone in the cricket fraternity earnestly looks forward to. But ever since the retention rules have been in place, there have been confusions all around. There is a constant debate regarding the number of players allowed to be retained. While the teams which are already strong, backed up by the performances of their star players. These teams want to retain as many players as possible, weaker teams tend to be miffed with the rules.

Teams like Mumbai Indians & Chennai Super Kings have traditionally been strong. Their multiple title wins demonstrate their squad depth. Both these teams have prominent Indian players as the core of their playing XI. Both Chennai Super Kings & Mumbai Indians have continued to bank on them season after season. Hence, the demand for Indian Premier League open auctions increases.

On the other hand , weaker teams like Kings XI Punjab , Royal Challengers Bangalore & Delhi Capitals (barring last season) continue to suffer because of their inability to strengthen their squad with key Indian players. Although they have quality overseas players , but the limit of 4 overseas players narrows down their options. Hence these teams dont become strong title contenders.

IPL Open Auction


At this point of time , with the popularity IPL has gained , we cannot separate some franchises from their brand players. Dhoni playing against Chennai Super Kings, Virat , Rohit switching teams -these alternatives do not seem feasible in the current scenario. But , perhaps , a better option could be to reduce the number of players allowed to be retained to 1 or 2 only instead of 5 players / RTM card rule. This will ensure the emotions of the franchise’s fans are taken care of. And at the same time , more flexibility in the teams’ structure would ensure a more multi-dimensional IPL with more teams vying for the trophy. Hope we get to see Indian Premier League Open Auctions in 2021!

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