IPL 2021: Will the 9th IPL Team Be Named Ahmedabad Lions?

IPL 2021 has already excited the fans with the new franchise set to be introduced as the 9th IPL team. Will It be named Ahmedabad Lions?  Alley Sport is here to bring you the updates on the 9th IPL team.

9th IPL team for 2021 IPL

The IPL fans have some great news as the 9th IPL team is set to feature in the 2021 IPL owing to the financial issues due to the pandemic going around. The 9th IPL franchise hasn’t been officially announced yet but has attracted a lot of buyers already. The likes of Sanjeev Goenka, and Mohan Lal are some of the front runners for buying the franchise which is mostly expected to be from ahmedabad.

IPL 2021: Will the 9th IPL Team Be Named Ahmedabad Lions? 1
image credits – 9th IPL team for 2021 IPL

The inclusion of 9th IPL team will definitely lead to the mega auction taking place. The mega auction brings all the players into the pool except those who were retained by the eight teams. The teams will also 2 Right to Match cards to get back a player who were part of their previous year setup even if he has been picked by another team. Suresh Raina is also considered most likely to captain the new franchise.

New stadium in Ahmedabad

The Motera stadium in Ahmedabad has been rebuilt into a stadium that has larger capacity than Melbourne cricket ground. This ground could become the home ground for Ahmedabad based franchise considering their record capacity. Suresh Raina had already led the Gujarat lions in 2016 and the name might be transferred onto Ahmedabad lions.

The 2020 IPL was a great success and the players should take a lot of credit who have risked their lives in the situation now to bring the economy back and running. The 2021 IPL is set to be shifted back to India as per the reports of BCCI president Sourav Ganguly. The 2020 IPL was held under the bio bubble rules and no spectators were allowed into the ground.

IPL 2021: Will the 9th IPL Team Be Named Ahmedabad Lions? 2
image credits – Times Now, 9th IPL team for 2021 IPL

It could be still the same case for the spectators as the situation hasn’t got better in India after the pandemic. BCCI also hinted to the IPL teams about the chances of mega auction taking place and told the teams to be prepared for it. Will the 9th IPL Team Be Named Ahmedabad Lions?

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