How Does Matched Betting Work In Football? 

Match betting ensures you win a fixed profit by following simple math techniques discussed in this step-by-step guide. Read on.


Although betting is meant for entertainment, all bettors play to win. As a punter, you can’t be lucky all the time. You win some and lose some. No doubt, betting is more of luck, but with matched betting, you can stop losing your money to bookies and make a profit.

Match betting doesn’t depend on luck. You have to follow a mathematical-based guide. But then, many punters are unaware of this type of betting. In this guide, however, we’ll discuss what matched betting is and how it works and walk you through an example.

What Is Matched Betting?

Matched betting is a betting technique where a punter initially places two bets to cover possible outcomes of an event to receive a business with little or no loss. The bonus is then maximized into fixed profit using a simple math strategy. Simply put, a punter makes a profit by taking advantage of bookies’ promotional offers using a simple math strategy.

How Does Matched Betting Work In Football?

Matched betting involves two bookies, with one being a betting exchange. The punter identifies a bookmaker with a good welcome bonus, registers, and places a qualifying bet on an event to claim the welcome bonus. Similarly, the punter covers the other possible outcome using a betting exchange. The punter gets the bonus regardless of the outcome and loses no/little amount. 

Further, the punter repeats the matching process using the bonus and then ends up making a fixed profit, regardless of the outcome of the event. For example, if you pick “Arsenal to win” (backing) against Chelsea on betting site A, you’ll place “Arsenal not to win” (laying) in a betting exchange. You’ll get your stake back and bonus regardless of the outcome.

Understanding Backing And Laying Bets

Your first stake aims to qualify for a welcome bonus without losing any amount. However, this is possible through the backing and laying bets. Now, what is backing and laying of bets?

Backing a bet is betting for an outcome, like “Arsenal to win.” You gain if Arsenal wins the football match. However, Arsenal can draw or lose the game, which is where the bet laying comes in. You’ll bet against an event outcome happening, say, “Arsenal not to win.” While you can back bets on regular bookmakers, only bet exchanges like bet fair offers bet laying options.

A Guide On How To Make Profit Via Match Betting (With Example)

Below is a football-related guide on making a profit using a matched betting strategy. Take your time to understand the step-by-step guide, and then you can take advantage of various promotions and bonuses bookmakers offer.

  1. Identify Bookmaker With Good Bonus

With many bookies online, welcome bonuses are common. However, ensure the wagering requirement and qualifying bet are favorable. We picked Bet Storm’s £10 bonus with a 1x wagering requirement and £10 qualifying stake.

  1. Register A Bet Storm Account

Open an account with Bet Storm and verify it through the link sent to your email. Make your first deposit of £10 or more to qualify for the £10 bonus. 

  1. Register A Betfair Account

You’ll need a betting exchange platform account to lay a bet on Betfair Is one of the best exchange bets. Create a new account if you don’t have one.

  1. Change Your Odds Style To Decimal

Switching your odds to decimal will make comparison easier than using other odds styles. You can visit the account settings section to change to decimal odds.

  1. Place Your Qualifying Bet

You’ll need a qualifying bet to claim the most welcome offers. For Bet Storm, you have to bet £10 on an event with nothing less than 1.5 odds. It is important to understand the bonus term. Also, choose popular events to easily match your bet, and make sure the back and lay odds are close.

While computing this guide, Arsenal to win West Ham United on Bet Storm 1.56 odds; this will be our back bet. Laying Arsenal of Betfair shows 1.58 odds. The possible winning of the back bet is £15.6. However, to know how much to stake on your lay bet, you’ll need a Matched Betting Calculator.

Using this tool, input back bet stake (£10) and odds (1.56) and lay bet odds (1.58) and commission (usually 5%). The tool will estimate your required lay bet amount. In this case, £10.20 lay stake is required with an estimated loss of £0.31.

How Does Matched Betting Work In Football?  1

Click on “Arsenal to win” lay bet and input £10.20 as your stake. It will show a liability of £5.91 which your back bet win will cover. However, you must have enough money that covers both stake and liability in your Betfair account.


Regardless of the match result, you’ll get your bet back except for £0.31 loss. A win on your back bet will cover both stake and liability on your lay bet, while a win on your lay bet covers almost all of your stake in the back bet. However, you now have an additional £10 free bet that you can stake using a matched bet to make a fixed profit.

  1. Make A Fixed Profit Using The Free Bets

You now have your initial bet amount and a £10 free bet. You may use your free bet as you like. However, you can make a fixed profit by repeating the matched bet steps. We advise you to stake on bigger odds to maximize profit.

How Does Matched Betting Work In Football?  2

Using the Chelsea VS Bournemouth game, we’ll back Bournemouth to win at 11 odds on Bet Storm and lay Bournemouth on Bet fair at 11.5 odds. With the Matched Betting Calculator, you’ll need to stake £8.81 on your lay bet. The liability on your lay bet will be £91.62, and your back bet winning will cover it in case of loss. You’ll end up with £8.36 profit regardless of the outcomes.


With Matched betting, you can take advantage of promotional offers from various bookies and make a fixed profit regardless of the outcome of your bet. However, ensure you understand this betting type and the terms and conditions of your preferred promotion before deciding to use matched betting.

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