FIFA to extend 2019/20 Football season

Image credits- Sky sports, Liverpool predicted lineup vs Fulham
Image credits- Sky sports, Liverpool predicted lineup vs Fulham

FIFA are all set to extend the 2019/20 football season indefinitely as per various sources. Football has come to an halt due to the coronavirus pandemic. There is a concern among clubs and their supporters regarding if the season will continue or not.

According to the Athletic, the season will be extended indefinitely. The Football associations of each country to get the liberty to decide the dates. Transfer Window may extend and along with that, the player clauses may extend too. The player contracts may now have a newer date than the current dates.

The extensions in player contract can be availed by their respective clubs. FIFA may allow much more flexibility to the clubs in these cases. The Premier League has suspended any football activities till May start. However, they have reassured the fans time and then that the season may continue from where it stopped.


This also means that Liverpool will have time to secure their Premier League title. They are very close to winning the title and it is almost just a matter of some matches.

Liverpool are finally champions - the most entertaining sides not ...

The EURO 2020 have already been postponed to 2021, giving much more scope to continue the ongoing season. However, much more complexities will come along the implementation of the plan. Thus, FIFA will soon release its official statements on the matter.

Right now, all the major European football leagues have been postponed indefinitely, including Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A & Ligue 1. UEFA, on the other hand cleared its thoughts. UEFA plan to continue the Champions League And Europa League. However, this can only happen in the month of June. For that to happen, the situation in Europe needs to get better in time.

As understood by Alley Sport, if the season is continued in May, it can go till the end of June or July and hence, the transfer window will be of a different duration than normal. FIFA may take a decision on the extension of the season soon. Hoping we get to see Club Football soon!