FC Barcelona’s ‘Camp Nou’ Title For Sale? Read Details:

FC Barcelona's 'Camp Nou' Title For Sale? Read Details: 1

Spanish La Liga Club FC Barcelona on Wednesday announced that they are looking for sponsors to rename ‘Camp Nou’. This came as a result of commitment by the club to the society. Josep Maria Bartomeu and other board of directors have approved the decision to sell the title rights of their stadium for the season 2020-21.

FC Barcelona aims to raise funds for Barca foundation, the money for which will go to fund the research operations through the world for battle against COVID-19. This would be the first time that FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium will be renamed.

Barcelona donate Camp Nou naming rights to Barca Foundation in ...

Barca foundation, now celebrating 25 years believes in its motto ‘More than a club’. Hence, they want to build up on their reputation of creating a sustainable society. As per the club’s official release, FC Barcelona has already started its operations in the battle against COVID-19. They are said to be using club facilities to import health materials in co-operation with Tencent & Taiping.

The club will now start looking for the title sponsors for its renowned stadium ‘Camp Nou’. The process will begin next week. This would be the first time that the club is taking this step to raise funds. Although this is the first time, but also means that is only for the next season. Barcelona have also started looking for ways in which they can contribute to researches being carried out through out the world.

Camp Nou‘s title rights being sold means that Camp Nou may now be called with a different name or with the name of the sponsor attached. Manchester City’s Stadium ‘Etihad Stadium’ for example, is bought by their primary sponsor ‘Etihad’. Leicester City’s Stadium is also called ‘King Power’. FC Barcelona are not the only club who have never renamed their stadium. Manchester United’s stadium ‘Old Trafford’ has not been renamed since its induction.

“Right now, we can quantify the effects of this health crisis but what we do know is that it will require all our resources to defeat it and for that reason it is so important that we all together make a solid, firm commitment.”, Jordi Cardoner, first vice president, FC Barcelona.

We all hope FC Barcelona are succesfull in raising funds for the noble cause. The funds can turn useful in the getting back the affected areas near Catalonia back on track.