English Football’s plan for corona virus pandemic

English Football's plan for corona virus pandemic 1

The corona virus has emerged as a world health pandemic, declared by the WHO. Corona virus has affected thousands of people world wide and continues to spread. While the Serie A in Italy is suspended/postponed, newer cases are emerging from every part of Europe. Corona virus may now take a toll on English football.

After affecting Italy, the corona virus is all set to take its toll in England. Premier League to be affected the most. The Times have exclusively revealed the English football’s crisis plan. The Times reports that all English football matches may be played behind closed doors. The league is unlikely to be suspended or postponed. However games can happen without any audience. Times’ report also states plan can be implemented any time soon.

Football stadiums to remain empty due to corona virus in English football

No games will be shown in pubs to avoid congregation. The Premier League ticket holders will be able to live stream the coverage of the games at their homes. English football can have implications from corona virus. It can further affect the games as it spreads.

Crisis plan by English football for corona virus further states –

– ‘Premier League games will not be broadcasted live in the 3pm slot on Saturday afternoons’

– ‘Broadcasters will be permitted to screen more than one Premier League game during both the lunchtime and other television slots on Saturday, and the scheduled slots on Sundays and Mondays’

– ‘Season-ticket holders and ticket holders for individual games at Football League clubs will be allowed to watch matches on iFollow streams’.

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The government of England is closely monitoring the situation. They are in constant touch with English Football association and Premier League. English Football may be suspended only if the corona virus cases reach a significantly larger amount. The current cases in England have reached over 450 and the crisis plan may be implemented the moment the number reaches 500.

If things go this way, we may see the season getting suspended too. So Brace yourself!