Dean Elgar: “Indians are very clever with touring teams”

South African batsman Dean Elgar has found himself in a fresh set of controversies as he accused that the hospitality given to the team was not up to the mark. He said this during an interview with ESPN Cricinfo. Dean Elgar has criticised the Indians for strange and abrupt reasons.

The ongoing tour of South Africa’s visit to India has not gone down well for the South African team as they lost both of the initial two test matches. Hence, this can be just a way of expressing the tensions arising in the dressing room.

Criticizing the Indian hotels and their hospitality, Elgar said that the tour has been very challenging. He also told that such tours give scope for knowing themselves better by visiting such smaller places where the hotels are not that good. Deal Elgar also challenged the quality of the food provided to the players.

Dean Elgar also accused the Indians of being streetwise and clever with the touring teams. He has been targetted since then for this statement.

Dean Elgar: "Indians are very clever with touring teams" 1

Backlash by Indian Supporters

This did not go well with the Indian team supporters as many criticised the South African batsman for his remarks. Some people reminded Elgar of the time when Indian team visited South Africa. The team was asked to use the shower for only two minutes due to acute shortage of water.

Some of the Indian fans trolled Elgar for his team’s performance and said that Elgar only needed a bed to cry on.

Things have been indeed awkward for the South African team, they have lost both the matches, and also the coin tosses. Faf Du Plessis did not walk out for the toss as a bid to change fortune, but the proxy captain Bavuma also lost the toss.