Hard To Forget: Cricket Moments that defined the decade

Hard To Forget: Cricket Moments that defined the decade 1

Time literally flies. 2019 has ended and it feels like just yesterday India had won a Cricket World Cup. The feeling of being World Champions took time to sink in.. There were so many moments that defined this decade. India’s World Cup Triumph, Marlon Samuels demolishing Srilanka single handedly in t20 WC final, Remembering Brathwaite’s onslaught on Ben Stokes, India’s heartbreak loss to New Zealand. Read about the cricket moments moments from the last decade.

Let us go down the memory lane and revisit the most exciting and painful moments of the last decade.


Who can forget this game? Wankhede was buzzing and the final showdown of the greatest carnival in the sport had reached the financial capital of India. Indians didn’t disappoint the millions of fans who were expecting the team to win. Sachin Tendulkar had finally got what eluded him throughout 22 years of his career. Srilankans posted a competitive score at the Wankhede thanks to Mahela’s classy ton which was filled with some eye-pleasing strokes. Indians in reply lost Sehwag and Sachin cheaply. Kohli followed suit after a moment of brilliance from Dilshan. The onus was upon Mr. Dependable Gautam Gambhir and the Captain Cool MS Dhoni to make the dream come true and they didn’t disappoint. Prayers were heard, Indians lifted the World Cup after 28 years. The best moment a Cricket fan could have asked for.

This can be termed as the best moment for Indian Cricket fans!

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Cricket lost Its Voice

It was 29th of December 2012, Cricket had lost one of its iconic voice. Tony Greig had passed away. Tony Greig was someone who brought life into any game. If you still don’t believe watch Sachin’s sandstorm innings at Sharjah. He used to create an aura when Sachin was batting which made you feel half of Sachin’s success is Tony Greig’s. The whole cricketing fraternity was in shock.

Tony Greig’s Commentary on Sachin

The Legend Retires

The Colossus of World Cricket had brought down curtains on a glittering career. The most decorated man of Indian Cricket decided to hang up his boots. In his last innings Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar displayed his journey in all the shots he played. He just gave us a highlight reel of what his career has been for 24 years. His retirement speech still brings tears to your eyes. If Cricket was a religion, Sachin Tendulkar was referred to as the god of Indian Cricket. Such was the measure and the greatness of the man. Thank you for all those cricket moments Sachin!

Phil Hughes’ Unfortunate Death.

In 2014, an incident that shook the cricket world. Phillip Hughes died on field of a Sean Abbott delivery. To the ones who watched the video where Hughes collapsed were in a state of shock. They had never seen something like that on a Cricket field. Phillip Hughes collapsed on the cricket field never to come back. He died doing what he loved. This was the time people realized how cruel a game can be. At such a young age Hughes had left all of us. He had a bright future ahead. Michael Clarke couldn’t control his tears at the funeral and there was a lump in our throats when we heard his speech. It was so touching. The world seemed to have ended. Cricket was not just a game. It was an emotion.

Agony for South Africa Ecstacy for New Zealand.

The semifinals of 2015 world cup made lots of them cry even the neutrals. South Africans were cruising at one stage and lost from an unbelievable situation. Kiwis snatched the victory from the skin of their teeth. Few of the South Africans were lying on the ground, some were crying. It was a very sad moment to watch the legends cry. This was the best shot South Africa had at winning the World Cup. Best Cricket Moments for New Zealand.

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Tie Break for England Heart Break for New Zealand.

2019 Cricket World Cup was a perfect end to a wonderful decade. It defined what Cricket means to all of us. England tied the game but won the World Cup in the most bizarre circumstances. Those who witnessed the finale should feel themselves as blessed. The best writers in the world cannot script a fairytale like this. Such was the climax of this game. Game tied even after 102 overs played. Rule book certainly needs to bring in some changes as no team deserved to lose this encounter. This becomes one of the best moment of this decade.

Check out Ben Stokes’ innings highlights from the World Cup Final: https://www.cricketworldcup.com/video/1279097