Infamous Ball Tampering incidents in Cricket

The one mischief cricketers have often been caught doing is ball tampering. The laws of cricket have been amended to take strong action against those doing the heinous act.

Many a times, admired players have been caught doing done ball tampering and helping bowlers through wrong means. In cricket history there are many incidents of the same. Here are the most shocking ball tampering controversies of the cricketing world.

Steve Smith, David Warner & Cameron Bancroft, 2018

Infamous Ball Tampering incidents in Cricket 1
Cameron Bancroft ball tampering

2018 Australia vs South Africa, Cape Town test was a sad day for cricket. Cricket Australia was ashamed by a disrespectful move by their Captain and Vice captain themselves. Steve Smith, David Warner and Bancroft were involved in a ball tampering incident using sandpaper. This incident was disgusting for Australian cricket and their fans. The result was pretty harsh on all three of them. Cricket Australia banned them for a year from all formats of Cricket.

Pakistan Team, 2006

In 2006, during a test series being played between Pakistan and England in Oval, a controversy was witnessed. After the 4th day of the 4th test the Umpires ruled that the Pakistan team was involved in ball tampering. The Pakistani players refused to return to field as a protest after the tea break. The Umpires declared England as the winners by forfeiture.

Shahid Afridi, 2010

Infamous Ball Tampering incidents in Cricket 2
Shahid Afridi biting the ball

A T20 match in 2010, between Australia and Pakistan witnessed an act of shame by Pakistan captain, Shahid Afridi. The cameras caught Afridi biting the ball on two different occassions. A TV umpire informed the umpires about the doing and the field umpires changed the ball on discussion with Afridi. Resulting, he was banned for 4 ODI’s.

Michael Atherton, 1994

England captain Michael Atherton was involved in a ball tampering incident in 1994. The incident took place when Engand were playing against South Africa. Atherton was caught on camera, rubbing a substance on the ball. He denied the allegations and said he had dust to dry his hands. He was later fined for lying to the match referee and for failing to disclose the dirt. After the incident, Atherton lost his captaincy.

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Rahul Dravid, 2004

Rahul Dravid was found guilty of ball tampering in 2004 against Zimbabwe. He was caught on the cameras rubbing a substance on the shinier side of the ball and was fined 50% of the match fees for the same. However, India won the match by 24 runs.