Why ICC should not push for 4-Days Test Matches

Why ICC should not push for 4-Days Test Matches 1

Test Cricket is known for its originality and class that has withheld the spirit of the game. However, it has also faced criticism over the years by some of the fans who have not seen it evolve over the years. Let’s understand why the idea of 4-Days Test Matches should not be pushed

The matter of discussion, that has picked up pace over the few months is the proposed reduction in number of days of a test match. ICC pushed for the shortening of test matches to 4 days. The proposal received mixed responses from players and fans. ICC wants to introduce 4 days test matches from 2023, keeping in mind that some matches are getting over before the 5th day.

ICC has put up this proposal to play 4-Days Test Matches from 2023 World Test Championship Cycle. Unlike 5 Day Tests, 4 Day tests will consist of 98 overs in a day, rather than 90.

4 Days Test Proposal Faces Criticism

Some of the renowned players from world cricket have come out and vouched against the new proposal. Virat Kohli, the captain of Indian Cricket Team has expressed his views against the proposal. He says “I’m not in favour of 4-Day Test matches, rather the day-night format should be changed”.

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Not only Virat Kohli, Australian spinner Nathan Lyon also expressed concern regarding the same. During a press conference, Nathan Lyon said ” “I’m not a fan of four-day Test matches. I believe you’ll get so many more draws and day five is crucial.

England’s Win Over South Africa

England’s win over South Africa is a prime example of why ICC should not decrease the duration of test matches to 4 Days. While South Africa looked to draw the match on the 5th day of the test match. Ben Stokes grabbed 3 wickets in the last few overs. England won the match with only 8.2 overs left.

Ben Stokes expressed his thoughts on the 4-Day Test proposal after the match. He said ” “That is why five days cricket should always be around. It is the best format of the game. Games like these are unforgettable.

4-Days Test Matches
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Test Cricket – The Soul of Cricket

Test Cricket is always termed as the soul of cricket. It has managed to maintain the integrity of Cricket over the years. Since hundreds of years, test cricket has maintained its guard. The inclusion of 4-Days Test match may reduce the original sense of the game. Test Cricket has been affected over the years already due to the inclusion of shorter formats of the game. It is something that should stay for forever, as the original test cricket can never diminish! The Inclusion of 4-Days Test Matches should not be done.

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